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What is saturate?

Saturate has three primary components:

During Bible Class, students become familiar with the overall story of Scripture in a way that sticks! They travel through each book of the Bible, learning fun hand motions help them remember the books. 

Through attendance and weekly assignments, students are able to earn great prizes including treats, a T-shirt, and even a fun adventure!

Students choose a class focused on fine and performing arts in August and again in January. These classes offer an introduction to the theme of the class and performance experience.

Students are welcome to change classes each term, or keep the same one.

Every few weeks, we have special Worship Nights or Game Nights. Students participate in both a corporate worship time and a game show night to review what they learned in Bible Class that month.

It is high-energy and full of both prizes and surprises!


Wednesdays @ 6:30PM (August-Fall)


1st – 5th Graders


Worship Center and 300 Hallway


Fall '23



How can my child earn rewards?

As a part of their Bible Study class, kids are able to earn rewards. They will receive stamps worth one point on the chart in their notebook for the following: attendance, bringing their Bible and notebook, and bringing their assignments. Prizes increase in value at the different point levels and culminate with a Saturate Fun Day at 150 points. The cut-off day is in mid-May.

When is Saturate Fun Day?

Date is to be determined. All students who reach 150 points will be included in the Saturate Fun Day. More details to come.

When and how do students choose a choice class?

Students choose a class twice per year, once in August, and once in January. They will list their top three choices on a card and be given one of them. Kids can either be involved in two different choice classes each year or stay in the same one. If your child misses one of the selection dates, we will work with you to place them in a class of their choosing.

Will my child have the opportunity to perform with their choice class?

This year each track (class) will have an opportunity to use what they learn. More information will be given out as each track chooses their ministry opportunity. We will also have a Saturate Spring Performance. More information to come.

What is Saturate Field Day?

This is a night reserved for outdoor fun and games. We have two Saturate Field Days per year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.

Can my child view Bible lessons that they missed?

Students have their notebook and can complete any missed lessons at any time.