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Our Equip strategy exists to give you the tools you need to display the gospel intentionally every day as a disciple of Jesus! We will be offering three Equip classes this semester for you to choose from. Equip Classes occur on a semester basis on Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm. This first round of the semester begins on August 16th and ends on November 15th.

Narrative Evangelism: Sharing God’s Story – LC 106
(Led by Jeremy Robbins & Bruce Mewbourne)
Join us for an inspiring and transformative course designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and passion to effectively communicate the message of God’s love. Join this exploration of the powerful art of biblical storytelling as a means of spreading the Gospel and making disciples of anyone anywhere!


Family Discipleship – LC 107
(Led by Brian Shuler & Stephen Henry)
No matter what your household looks like, your family is the primary instrument and environment for discipleship in all the fantastic and flawed ways that it might be worked out. Your preserving and often thankless spiritual leadership in your home is one of the most important things you will ever do with your life.

Join us on a journey to engage in Family Discipleship. We will walk together in how to build the foundation, embrace modeling, capture time, create memories, and establish milestones. Therefore, no matter how young or old your kids are, we want to help equip and encourage you as parents in this class to be the primary disciple-makers in your child’s life!


The God Who Speaks: How to Know God And His Word – LC 119
(Led by Jesse Welliver)
God wants you to know him! Our God is a God who has revealed himself in Word so that we would know and enjoy him forever. Join us as we learn foundational aspects of Christian theology and Bible study so we can better know, love, and obey the God who saves us and sends us to make him known!