McDonough Campus

Service Times

11:00am in the Worship Center


2400 Highway 42 North
McDonough, Georgia 30253

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Phone: 770.957.1355

Griffin Campus

Service Times

11:00am Contemporary Worship


2567 Teamon Road
Griffin, Georgia 30223

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Phone: 770.957.1355

Preschool COVID-19 Policy & Procedures

We are most excited to have the opportunity to welcome you and your family back to Preschool Discipleship. We have a few Covid-19 housekeeping changes to make you aware of. Please read carefully to make your child’s return to Preschool Discipleship on Sunday a great experience.

As a family of the Preschool Discipleship Ministry please understand that the Preschool Ministry cannot function without regular Parent Volunteer participation. In order to place your child in Preschool Discipleship, your family will be responsible for serving once a month in Preschool Discipleship at 11am. If you choose not to serve in Preschool Discipleship your children are welcome to attend Worship with you as a family.  

New Covid-19 Policy and Procedures

To be able to attend Preschool Discipleship on Sunday, each family must register online to reserve a place for their child by Thursday at 4pm each week. 

On Sunday, each family will have the following procedures to follow:

  • Child Check-in procedure will remain the same. Parents must check their child in, receive the child’s name tag and a parent pick-up tag before going to class.

  • There will be Checkpoints set up before the double doors that each parent will have to stop off for the following:
    • Temperature Checks
    • Diaper Bag Change Over (into Gallon Size Ziplock Bags)
    • Hand Sanitizer Station
    • Shoe Wipes

  • Only one parent from each family will be allowed to go down the hall and drop-off and pick-up.

  • No Strollers are allowed down the halls. Strollers will be left in the Stroller Parking.

  • No Diaper Bags are allowed down the halls or in the classrooms. Parents, you will be given a gallon size Ziplock bag to place your child’s diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snack, sippy cup, etc.

  • The double-doors will be shut at 11:05am and will not be reopened unless it’s an emergency. If you arrive after 11:05am you will need to go to the Welcome Station to check-in and be escorted to the classroom. 

  • Parents will not be allowed in the classroom for pick-up. You will knock on the door. A leader will assist you, get your pick-up tag, and then bring your child to the door for parent pick-up. 

If you have any questions or concerns over the new Covid-19 Policy and Procedures please contact Lori Kurz, Preschool Director | 770-778-6641 |