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How does the Preschool Ministry work?

Dear Parents,

What a joy it is to have your child in our Preschool Ministry!  We believe it is possible to share the love of Christ with children beginning at birth.  Our Preschool staff and teachers are here to provide a safe, loving and Christ-centered learning environment for your preschoolers. It is our desire that you will take advantage of the many opportunities we have to offer your child here at Eagle's Landing. In order to provide the best of care for your preschooler, we use age appropriate curriculum to present Biblical truths to the preschoolers. Your preschooler is a very special person who deserves nothing less than the best care available.  Parent participation is an important part of our program. We ask our preschool parents to serve once a month in one of our preschool classrooms. Working together, we can provide an excellent preschool program where your child will grow to know and love Jesus. Please call on us if we can be of help on a personal basis.
The Preschool Ministry

How Does it Work?
These policies have been developed to help us give your child a safe, healthy environment:

The Diaper Bag

1.    What to Bring/Label

  • Your child’s bottle, pacifier, and diaper bag. (Bag tags available)
  • Disposable Diapers/Wipes
  • Change of clothes

2.    What NOT to Bring
Since we offer a complete curriculum with all necessary toys and materials, your child should NOT bring any toys to the classroom.

Health and Hygiene
3.    Sick Children
Children with above-normal temperature, colds, a persistent cough, rash or any contagious disease should not be brought to the preschool areas as infection of others may occur. Parents must be sure that their children are free from signs of illness for 24-hours before bringing them. If a child becomes ill while in the preschool area, the parent/guardian will be requested to come to the Preschool area to pick up their child.

  • Teachers do not administer medications.
  • In order to provide the healthiest environment possible, ALL classrooms, cribs, toys & linens are cleaned and disinfected after each use.

Safety and Security
4.  Keeping our Children Safe

Every child must have a security name tag to be admitted to a preschool class room. Each session you will check your child in using one of our ipad kiosk.  This will register your child’s attendance and also print a name tag.  Please place the name tag on his/her back.  This tag will also serve as a security tag at pick-up from his/her classroom as the child tag is matched to the parent pick-up tag before releasing them to parents.  If your child is not enrolled, you will need to go to the Preschool Kiosk to get the necessary security name tag.

  • Older siblings must be 16 years old to pick up your preschooler.
  • When you arrive at the classroom for pick-up wait for the teacher before entering the classroom,  unless you are scheduled to help that day.
  • Children will not be released without the proper parent-tag.
  • Parents of bed babies can leave their cell phone number if needed for contact.
  • If there is a custody issue, please notify our Preschool Minister to assist you in extra safety precautions.

5.  Nursing Mother's Room

  • A nursing room for mothers of nursing children is provided in the preschool 300's wing during child care hours. 

6. General Information

  • If your child is experiencing difficulties, please do not discuss them in front of your child.  The teacher will be glad to talk with you when the child is not present.
  • We will only receive children in rooms when there is a teacher present.  Please do not leave your child in a room alone, stay with the child until the teacher arrives.
  • Infants and babies will be fed formula, juice or water from plastic bottles that are provided by the parents (please label each bottle with your child's name).  Older preschoolers may be served a small snack such as cookies or cheerios during transition time of LifeGroup and Worship.  Please inform our leaders of any food allergies and use the allergy stickers provided.
  • At least two adults are present in classrooms at all times.  For the protection of all, only women change diapers and assist in the bathroom. 

7.  Emergency Situations - Health and Serious Injury

  • At ELFBC, we have key staff members, plus several volunteers that are trained in CPR/FIRST AID.  We also have designated health professionals that will be alerted to assist during a health emergency.  In an emergency situation such as fire, and/or weather related emergencies, the staff and volunteers here at ELFBC have been trained to execute the plans and policies that have been established by our leadership.