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11:00am Contemporary Worship


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Why Nashville?

You probably knew that this Tennessee is called "Music City." Did you know that Nashville is home to multiple denomination headquarters and boasts the most churches per capita in the entire nation with over 700 churches in the city? Even with its history of religion, the “Buckle of the Bible Belt” is slowly coming undone. The city is steeped in tradition and religion and filled with individuals who are religiously lost. The population of Nashville is 643,771, and there are 1.8 million in the metropolitan area!

When God called us to plant a church we specifically prayed that He would send us to an area that was culturally Christian, growing and influential, and had college students to invest in and send on mission for the glory of God. Nashville has all of that and more! For that reason, we believe that God has called us to root our lives in this city to reach people with the gospel. 


The 7th fastest-growing metro area in the USA. (Nashville is projected to hit over 2 million in 2020 and grow by another million people by 2035).


Hub for higher education (over 20 four-year colleges and universities, six community colleges, and 11 vocational and technical schools. There are 120,000 college students in Middle Tennessee).


More than 140 languages are spoken in Metro Schools, and 30 percent of students speak a language other than English at home. 

The DeLains' Story

Derrick and Rachel moved their family to Nashville in the summer of 2020 to start Proclamation Church. Here's their story:

Over fifteen years ago, God saved me from a life of performance and moral religion that kept me angry and frustrated that I could never be perfect. Through Jesus, I came to find freedom in being loved and known by Him fully. Rachel came to Jesus at the age of five and grew up wrestling with seeing Jesus as Savior and not someone she had to please by being good. We both were able to grow in our understanding of the gospel as college students and to this day, continue to see the beauty of the gospel as our sustaining hope.

While living in Winston-Salem, NC, in 2011, God began to stir in our hearts a desire to enter into full-time ministry and see others come to believe in who Jesus is and what He can do for them. As we invested in a young church plant early in our marriage, we began to see the fruit of starting a new church in a city. In time, the Lord began to burden my heart to be sent to another city to do what we were seeing him do in Winston-Salem. However, we realized that we needed more training if we wanted to be used effectively by the Holy Spirit.

For that reason, in 2014, with our daughter Tru and son Michael, we moved to Raleigh, NC, to be on staff at the Summit Church. While attending Southeastern Theological Seminary, we helped to launch the Blue Ridge Campus with 250 individuals. With leadership development and intentional discipleship, we saw the Blue Ridge Campus of The Summit Church grow from 250 people to over 1,700 in four years. We have been able to see over 20 individuals sent overseas for long term missions work, seen close to 400 people get baptized and countless others come to a saving knowledge of Christ. God has been abundantly gracious to our campus, and we have prayed that we would see His Spirit work in the same way through us in another area of the country. 

Over the last year, we have been consistently affirmed in our readiness to step away from the Summit and plant our lives in Nashville, TN. Rachel and I have a burden for the city that we are falling in love with daily, and we are praying that He uses this church plant to reach this city and her people because we know that He loves Nashville more than we ever could.


What will the partnership between Proclamation Church and Eagle's Landing look like?

  • Financial Support
  • Volunteer Teams
  • Individual Volunteers
  • Mutual Learning and Encouragement
How can you be involved?
  • Pray that God will use the DeLains and Proclamation Church to reach people with the Gospel for His glory!
  • Continue to give faithfully through Eagle's Landing so we can support Proclamation.
  • Join a volunteer team to serve Proclamation.
  • Go. Why not take your profession and move to Nashville to help plant Proclamation? 
  • Connect people you know that live in Nashville or who are moving there to Proclamation.
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