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Grouped by: Advent 2020

    Day 18 | Peace Beyond Understanding

    12.16.20 | Advent 2020

    Reading: Philippians 4:4–7  There are some things I will never understand. For example, how is it that the dishwasher can be empty, and yet, no one will put their dirty dishes in it? Can you imagine a world where every dirty dish gets...

      Day 17 | Peace With Each Other

      12.15.20 | Advent 2020

      Reading: Ephesians 2:14-16 Advent has always been a season of peacefulness. In the first World War, soldiers celebrated what was called the “Christmas ceasefire.” They would exit trenches and celebrate Christmas with their enemies by...

        Day 16 | No Longer Enemies

        12.14.20 | Advent 2020

        Reading: Romans 5:6-11Enemies of God, really? If you are like me, you have a hard time grasping you were ever God’s enemy, but in fact we were. We don’t see ourselves that way. We certainly don’t want to be, and we know anyone...

          Day 15 | Peace With God Through Jesus

          12.13.20 | Advent 2020

          Reading: Romans 5:1-2 During Christmas, the sounds of the season are everywhere—on the radio, in the house, over the sound system in the stores. We love to sing along to our favorite carols. What does “It Came Upon a Midnight...

            Day 14 | Jesus: The Forever King

            12.12.20 | Advent 2020

            Reading: Hebrews 1:1-14 When I think of a king, my mind immediately paints the picture of a Medieval king with a flowing robe, giant crown, rings on every finger, sitting on a giant throne in a big castle. The whole picture communicates...

              Day 13 | The Good King

              12.11.20 | Advent 2020

              Reading: Isaiah 40:1-11 How were the people of Israel to know that God would keep this promise? How were they to know that their trouble would end? Isaiah assured Israel that though everything in creation passes away, "the word of our God will...

                Day 12 | The Servant King

                12.10.20 | Advent 2020

                Reading: Isaiah 53; Phil 2:5–11 The gospel turns life upside down. Maybe a better way of saying it is that the gospel says there’s an upside to the downside. Think about it. Gospel logic says that the first will be last, and the last...

                  Day 11 | The Son King

                  12.09.20 | Advent 2020

                  Reading: Hosea 11:1; Matthew 2   As we prepare to celebrate the coming of Jesus, we are focusing on the incarnation of God’s Son who became a man for our salvation. The idea that Jesus is God’s perfect Son is important. When...

                    Day 10 | The Shepherd King

                    12.08.20 | Advent 2020

                    Reading: Micah 5:1-6 Animals show up a lot in the Bible—sheep, specifically. In fact, one of the main ways the Bible talks about the people of God is by calling them God’s flock, or sheep, or by referring to God or Jesus as the...

                      Day 9 | The Righteous King

                      12.07.20 | Advent 2020

                      Reading: Isaiah 11:1–5 Every president, governor, senator, lawmaker, boss, school principal, and parent we’ve ever known has been a sinner. Have you ever thought about that? Not one of them has been perfect. Yet, each was invested...