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Rembering 9/11

09.11.20 | Stories | by Tammy Joyner

    Nineteen years ago today, Americans faced the greatest tragedy in modern times. We watched in disbelief as two jets slammed into two New York skyscrapers creating a billowy inferno. And just as we were trying to process that horror we learned another plane hit the Pentagon in Washington followed by a plane that plunged into Pennsylvania farmland. We were under attack.

    It was too much for one person to take, let alone a nation.

    Yet we pulled together as a country, turning first to God and then to each other for strength. First responders from around the country gathered digging through the rubble. Neighbors helped neighbors throughout the country through the tragedy. On that September 11, 19 years ago today, we saw firsthand the first remnants of what it meant to be the United States of America. We were bonded as one regardless of race, political party, background, country of origin, religious belief or other labels that tend to divide us.

    Now as we face yet another major challenge with the coronavirus pandemic, we could take a cue from those days set in motion 19 years ago. We can learn to look past race, past political affiliation, past religious belief and do what God would have us to do in a crisis. Turn to Him. Turn to His Words.

    He has actually given us another chance to display what is inside each of us. Courage. Heart. Faith. Perseverance.

    Instead of looking at these days of self-isolation during this pandemic as punishment, we should look at it as a gift from Him. It is his invitation to get to know Him better. One on one.

    As we spend time in silence and reflection today commemorating 9/11, we also can take this time to take an assessment of ourselves and our country:

    Am I closer to my spouse, my children, my parents, my friends? If not, why not use this time to work on yourself and your relationships?

    Are we truly our Brothers Keeper? Am I a better, more caring person today than, say, 19 years ago? Do I stand up for someone who is being wronged when it would be more advantageous to keep quiet?

    More importantly, how is my relationship with God? Do my actions, my thoughts, my words reflect what God is doing in my life?

    Today as we mark the 19th anniversary of 9/11, we can take this time to reconnect with the energy and togetherness that so defined the outcome of that tragedy.